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Since 2013, this book has sold more than 30,000 copies and is currently the best-selling financial book in Estonia.

In the spring of 2012, I told high school students about how to become rich. In the 30 minutes I was given, I was able to explain some important principles, such as how to become a member of the 50% club, how to create sources of passive income, and how to reinvest dividends, until I began to feel that the more I spoke, the less I was understood. Why don't schools teach you how to get rich! After an hour, the math teacher came to me and admitted that despite her knowledge in her subject, she knew absolutely nothing about investments. And they asked, isn't it risky? After some discussion, the teacher asked me if I could recommend a guide to help learn the basics of investing. Countless books came to mind, all the ones I had ever read on the subject. However, unfortunately, I could not recommend anything concrete. I thought it's a shame that there isn't a book called "The Wealth Guide". That's how this book came about!

Who should read this book? It would be a required textbook for anyone who can read. Isn't it absurd that we learn thousands of pages of chemistry, biology and physics in school, but know nothing about how to achieve financial freedom and become rich?

The average high school graduate knows more about works of ancient literature than about dividend stocks. It is considered impolite to talk about money, and the only way to get rich is through the lottery. I don't know of any marriage that has broken up because one of the partners didn't know the laws of physics. I also don't know people who are sad because they can't remember the dates of the Northern War. However, low financial knowledge affects our lives more than we can imagine.

Please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and invest some time in your financial education! I promise you will find this book more useful than any textbook you read in school!

Jaaks Rosare, 50 percent club member since 2002


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    • A book that can completely change people's lives because it will teach you how to make money work for you instead of controlling you. The sooner you start applying the principles in this book, the easier it will be to achieve financial freedom. They say it takes time and money to get rich. However, apart from money and time, knowledge is also needed. You have time. You can always earn money during your life. But you will find knowledge in this book! In the Latvian edition, the information from 2023 has been updated and adapted to the situation in Latvia.

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