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Invest your funds in a sustainable future with the new product! Investing our knowledge in green-impacting sustainable projects - let's change the world for the better together! PAINT AND LEARN - 5 zero-waste steps Sustainability Embassy IEBER.LV has created "The Fairytale of Small Steps" and now the 2nd part "Fairytale City of Small Steps" has been released, for which the illustrator Silva Lipāne visualized the characters of the fairy tale to take you on a journey to get to know the small steps through giant coloring poster. The ZERO WASTE (waste-free lifestyle) pyramid is built from 5 steps. Find out about them together with the characters from the fairy tale of Little Steps. In it, the metal straw family will accompany you on a journey through 5 cabins, where you will learn useful ideas in each one that you can easily implement in your everyday life and, as a result, save the environment. To make learning the small steps towards sustainability full of joy, we offer you a giant coloring poster in B1 size, so that the whole family - big or small - can be actively involved. Do you want to know more? Listen to the latest adventures of the Little Steps family: Even small steps are progress, they help to accomplish big things. By coloring a picture, listen to a fairy tale and learn the small step in saving the environment. Give your family the joy of reducing your child's screen time with a sustainable gift - a GIANT coloring poster and its characters! It will help you learn how easy it is to take small steps to save the environment. Listen to the fairy tale and color the poster, looking for 5 differences in them. Such a poster can also be placed at the workplace, in the rest room, in the relaxation corner. Come and paint. Giant coloring poster perfect for birthdays, rainy days, camp activities, senior centers, church groups, classrooms, lounges, daycares, date nights, office break rooms by the coffee machine. Why is it SO exciting to work with a GIANT coloring poster?

  • The poster is SO big that the whole family can color at the same time The exciting story will allow you to learn important values ​​for life through play
  • Everyday life will be colored in different colors of the fairy tale of small benches
  • Devoting yourself to this activity will allow you to calm down while developing your ability to concentrate
  • Your family farm will have indispensable sustainable products, as well as a colorful story that will perfectly complement your interior. Parents buy a poster for their children and as a gift when they go to visit, use it for home schooling, at children's parties as a greeting card for the birthday person, in which they write compliments or wishes

  • Principals and teaching supervisors purchase as methodical material for science and English language. Reduces screen time for the child

  • The solution when the child falls ill unexpectedly (stays at home)? Quality time spent together with parents or grandparents

  • Educate children

  • Solves the problem: What to give to someone who already has everything? Trains the child's concentration

ZERO WASTE CITY giant colouring poster

SKU: 10
  • Intended for children from 3+ Choose a giant coloring joy for your loved ones, which is created in Cēsis. The size of the coloring poster is 100 x 70 cm. You will receive it folded, size 25x23.5cm and placed in an envelope.

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