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A financial calendar that will help you accumulate a "Safety cushion"

  • For each month, choose a specific financial goal or task that you want to achieve

  • Evaluate your progress

  • Additional materials by scanning QR codes, opening suggested links, and identifying other tools and attachments for everyday use


In Latvia, we certainly cannot complain about the lack of financial knowledge, because our financial literacy result does not differ much from the average among other OECD countries*. It is worse for us to apply knowledge in life, because more than half of the households do not have a safety deposit of at least 3 months' expenses. That's why I'm always very happy to see a new tool created to support doing exactly that. In addition, what better support to do than a reminder that is in front of your eyes every day - a calendar. "Interactive Financial Calendar 2024" contains not only valuable knowledge, but also practical recommendations and information about available support tools. If you really use this calendar throughout the year, I am quite sure that positive changes in your financial well-being will not remain. *FKTK (OECD study on the level of financial literacy of the population 2022). Latvia's financial literacy index is 61%. Average in OECD countries 62%. 65% of households do not have a safety deposit of at least 3 months' expenses.


Financial coach, author of books and methods

The creative team

This is an independent team that got excited about this idea and wanted to get involved in the realization of the idea.

About this site

I have always wanted to help people become more financially stable and save money. It is very important to me to share my personal experience and knowledge in this field to help others achieve financial stability and build a better future. Financial planning and money management is an individual process that depends on each person's specific needs, goals and situation. I am convinced that knowledge about money should be available to all family members, regardless of age. Each person can create his own financial plan and acquire knowledge according to his needs.


In addition to physical products, I offer lectures to companies and enjoy working with partners who develop products that fit my vision of financial literacy and self-growth topics. My goal is to help people maintain and improve their financial health using proven methods based on my personal experience and research. In order to inspire and motivate people on a daily basis, I have created an Interactive Financial Calendar. It is not only a financial planning tool, but also a self-growth guide that will help you track your goals and achieve them. This calendar is practical and will serve as your reliable assistant throughout the year.


Additionally, more new products are being developed in this direction, so be sure to check my page again after a while.

Have a rich journey to financial prosperity and personal growth!



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